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BLADE 10'6" windSUP

BLADE 10'6" windSUP

The BLADE 10’6” is specially crafted for medium weight windsurfers, up to 110kg (Max Payload 150kg).

The new BLADE windsurf SUP board caters for all experience levels, and performs perfect at both stand up paddle boarding and windsurfer. Upgraded with a 6” thickness, the BLADE offers two sports in one by providing excellent manoeuvrability and all-around potential. It delivers unlimited fun for those who would like to hold the winds in their arms.


Our WindSUP collection is designed to be as practical as possible for all levels of users. No matter if you are windsurfing or stand up paddling, the ‘clip and go’ system makes it so easy to switch between the different types of experiences the wind and water can offer you.

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